About us

Ultra-Vision Vet Co. is a company specialized in veterinary ophthalmology, we offer professional ophthalmic products to vets in Taiwan and Asian countries, such as implants and consumables, to diagnose and treat eye conditions and veterinary ophthalmic diseases. The comprehensive Ultra-Vision portfolio is designed to meet the demands of veterinary eye care professionals and help them deal with an increasingly challenging healthcare environment.


Our company is the official distributor of several brands of professional veterinary products, such as i-med, Bausch Lomb, Aventix (Optixcare), LCA (viscoelastic agents, veterinary IOL), Vetrix (BioSIS and Amniotic Eye Drop) V.O.S. (implant), Reichert Tonometer (Tonopen-Vet), Shin Nippon (Slit-lamp), RetinoGraphics (ERG and precision illuminator)…. We provide professional assistance to vets and vet owners, help them find the professional and reputable good products in the Greater China Area and other Asian countries.


In addition to our own business, we volunteer help TSVO (Taiwan Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology) to offer continue education ophthalmology courses to vets. We routinely attend international Veterinary Ophthalmic conference such as AiSVO, ACVO, to keep good relationship with professional veterinary ophthalmologists worldwide, which enables us to keep updated with latest technology and news.


Should you need any further information or be interested in our service, please feel free to contact us ultra-vision.vet@outlook.com, we’ll be happy to assist you.

R & D

 Many brands of pets’ nutritional products available in the market of pet products/food are simply relabeled or reformulated supplements from human products, without any serious studies of efficacy or safety in animals. In comparison, we have spent over 10 years and invested costs and research expertise in the extensive studies and laboratory experiments in order to develop and test the original eye care (retinal protection) supplements for pet animals. These are the most professional, evidence-based, best, and safest eye-care supplements for pets in the market.

Natural Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants are the best and safest choice of eye care nutrition for pets

    In the screen of effects of retinal protection and suppression of oxidative stress in animal eyes from more than 150 nutritional ingredients by a number of scientific experiments and eye disease models, it proved that some ingredients effectively delay or prevent retinal degeneration, strengthen anti-oxidation, and suppress oxidative stress in the eyes of treated animals. Those ingredients were selected to include into the contents of the eye-care supplements “Ultra-Vision Health®”.

Production operations

In accordance with the international standards of ISO & C-GMP

   GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is to certify the excellent enterprises whose food and pharmaceutical productions and operations have met the national code of regulation, supervision and inspection.  To safeguard the quality of pharmaceutical products, in recent years the international standard has risen to that of the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

   Adopting the most advanced equipment and instruments from Europe, the US and Japan, and keeping the environmental impact to the lowest, the pharmaceutical firms chosen to manufacture Ultra-Vision’s series products all meet the international standard of ISO and C-GMP. 

Professional Design and Stringent Quality Control

   Ultra-Vision is uncompromising in developing professional health products and selecting ingredients with the most excellent functions of eye-care and anti-oxidation with the most consistent performance for animals. The tablet dosage, shape, size and flavor are particularly designed to best suit animal’s needs.

   Special considerations were made to maintain freshness and efficacy of the supplements during blend and storage based on different properties of raw materials. Besides, every detail during manufacture has been seriously looked at and addressed, such as dosing, mixing, coating, low temperature baking, and packaging etc. 

   Ultra-Vision’s product design and manufacture follow very high standards and strict guideline, undergoing not only the effectiveness tests but also the pharmaceutical related stability tests, to guarantee the quality of stability, effectiveness and safety.

   Our products are free of all tested items of bacteria, molds/fungi/yeasts, and heavy metals. Certified by SGS.